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NeoGraft Automated FUE "No Linear Scar" Hair Transplantation



With NeoGraft Hair Restoration ...


No Scar, No Sutures, No Staples, No Regrets!


Gone are the old days of "strip" surgery and and unnatural "pluggy" looking hair.



Southern California's most experienced NeoGraft team and the only practice offering a GUARANTEED graft count!





The Revolutionary Automated Hair Transplant System with the FDA-cleared NeoGraft is the most desired and natural method of transplanting hair. In comparison to the linear strip method, follicular unit extraction (FUE) does NOT require the surgical removal of a section of the scalp that can result in a visible scar at the back of the scalp.


NeoGraft uses your own natural hair follicles from the back of your scalp with NO scalpel, sutures or staples. The result is that you do NOT have a linear donor scar or invasive scalp procedure.



* NeoGraft FUE is safe and effective for both men and women of ANY color or ethnicity.


* NeoGraft FUE is the solution to repairing your linear scar from old style "strip" hair transplants.


* NeoGraft FUE is not just for the scalp, it can easily be used to restore eyebrows and other special areas of hair loss.


* NeoGraft FUE is the suprisingly affordable future of hair restoration!







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Your NeoGraft FUE procedure will leave you with excellent hair density, natural hair growth, and a new youthful appearing hairline. Many patients see results in only one session. The procedure is done under local anesthetic with little or no discomfort.


Our highly experienced physicians and surgeons are actively involved in the specialty of hair restoration and are intimately involved in every phase of your hair restoration procedure. We guarantee that your experience at our office will be pleasant, personal, and professional.


Our mission is to provide you with the most natural artistic results and a youthful appearance. Hair transplantation with NeoGraft FUE is done at our exclusive and discreetly located medical suite at The Aventine office tower in La Jolla, conveniently located at the intersection of the I-5 and La Jolla Village Drive.




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Q – Who is affected by hair loss?

Hair loss affects approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States alone. Over 40 percent of men will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, while 65 percent of women will have noticeable hair loss by the time they are 60.


Q – What is NeoGraft FUE?

The NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Automated Hair Restoration System is the product of ten years of research and development, offering the next generation in hair transplantation and achieving a more reproducible and aesthetically appealing hairline. NeoGraft is currently being used in Europe and Asia and has been recently cleared by the FDA for use in the United States. Over 18,000 hair transplants have been done with this device in the last two years with excellent results. With the automated transplantation provided by NeoGraft FUE, the time required for surgery is less than HALF the time of a standard transplant procedure. Patients can return to athletic activity within several days, not weeks.


Q – What are the advantages of NeoGraft FUE as compared to the strip method?

* NO surgical removal of a strip of skin

* NO tight scalp problems from suturing the scalp

* NO scar so hair can be worn short

* Much less painful than the strip method

* Minimal risk of “shock fallout”, damaged nerves or bleeding

* Can treat both men and women

* Can usually cover old hair transplant scars or repair old “pluggy” or “doll hair” hairlines

* Can repair scars from prior strip procedures

* Can place up to 2,400 grafts per session

* Can leave the office with a little or no bandage and will be able to gently rinse your hair the next day

* Significant hair will grow in by 4-6 months and full hair growth is visible by 9 to 12 months


Q – What is the strip method of hair transplantation?

With the 'traditional' strip harvesting method, a large section of scalp (strip) is cut (harvested) from the head and the scalp is then sewn together. Next, the hair follicles or grafts including their bulbs are separated from each other into units of one to four hairs by the technicians and inserted to tiny slits in the balding area. The follicles with a single hair are placed in the front to define the hairline.


Q – How is NeoGraft FUE different from the strip method?

Using the FUE method with NeoGraft, the scalp is NOT cut as individual hair follicles are removed DIRECTLY from the donor area. In this automated hair restoration procedure, a very small cut (punch) is used to remove the donor follicular units (hair follicles) from the scalp.


Q – Can NeoGraft FUE treat both men and women?

The NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation System is a safe and effective procedure that can treat BOTH male  and female pattern hair loss as well as individuals of ANY race or ethnicity.


Q – Can NeoGraft FUE be performed if I have had hair surgery in the past?

NeoGraft FUE can usually be used to cover old hair transplant scars or repair old 'pluggy' or 'doll hair' hairlines.


Q – How quickly can grafts be transplanted with the NeoGraft FUE?

One person alone can typically insert about 500 or more grafts in one hour, or about the same number of grafts in 30-40 minutes with a second person. There is typically only 1-2 assistants helping with the hair transplant procedure and not the usual 4-6 assistants used by doctors who do the transplant without the NeoGraft FUE device.


Q – Is NeoGraft FUE a better choice for me?

The NeoGraft FUE technique is less invasive than the traditional strip method used by most surgeons today. Patients who select this procedure save time and discomfort because this new technology allows greater number of hair grafts than current traditional microsurgical techniques. Most importantly, there is NO unsightly scar that is associated with the older strip excision technique. As a result, the NeoGraft FUE procedure allows for a much shorter recovery time.


Q – Does the NeoGraft FUE procedure involve cutting the scalp?

NeoGraft FUE does NOT involve incisions like the strip method which is still used by most doctors today. With this revolutionary technique, there is no cutting of the scalp and therefore no suturing and no visible scarring. There is virtually no bleeding and almost immediate surgical recovery. Patients are often back to work the next day.


Q – Does the NeoGraft FUE procedure leave me with a scar?

The NeoGraft FUE device allows for hair follicle harvesting WITHOUT a linear scar. Healing is faster and more comfortable because there are no stitches or staples.


Q – How many grafts can be transplanted in a single session?

The NeoGraft FUE method of hair transplantation removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs. NeoGraft revolutionizes FUE hair transplantation by using 1.0 mm punch grafts that allows for a higher percentage of survivable hair grafts and a more natural look. Our surgical team can typically harvest and place up to 2,400 grafts per day using this technique.


Q – Is the NeoGraft FUE procedure complicated?

The procedure is virtually painless aside from the few initial local injections of anesthesia which feel like pin pricks.


Q – What areas of the head are typically transplanted?

Typically, men experiencing male pattern baldness will have hair growing at the sides and the back of their head, this is where hair is harvested from for transplantation. This hair is genetically programmed to continue to grow even in the worse cases of male pattern baldness. Females often lose their hair in a more diffuse pattern around the head. However, the back of the head also retains the most hair for most women.


Q – Will transplanted hair fall out over time?

A hair transplant is done by removing the hair from the back of the head, and putting it in the thinning or balding areas on the top of the head. Once this hair is moved it should not fall out because the hair at the back of the head is genetically programmed to not fall out, unlike the hair at the top of the head.


Q – Will hair follicles be damaged by the NeoGraft FUE device?

Using the NeoGraft FUE device, donor hair follicles are removed with gentle pneumatic pressure, so there is less risk of damaging the follicle, or driving the follicle further into the skin, as sometimes happens in traditional surgery. This significantly reduces the risk of an abscess. The technician controls the pressure which is set to each individual's type of scalp. Some people have a very tight scalp, other's a lax scalp. Some individual's follicles are deeper, and more firmly anchored than other people's. With traditional surgery these differences may require more tugging and pulling on the follicle by the technician increasing the chances of damaging the follicle. With the NeoGraft FUE device, the pneumatic pressure is set to the type of scalp and the instrument applies just the right amount of pressure to remove the follicle.


Q – How does NeoGraft FUE works with angled follicles?

Follicles grow at an angle and some individual's are more angled than others. The NeoGraft FUE device has an angled instrument which allows the technician to remove the follicle without cutting through the follicle.


Q – How long does it take for my transplanted hair to grow in?

Transplanted hair will remain visible for two or three weeks and then the new transplanted hair will fall out. The bulb of the hair remains dormant under the skin for six to twelve weeks. After that time a new hair will grow from the bulb. Significant hair will grow in by 4-6 months and full hair growth is visible by 9 to 12 months.


Q – What happens after my hair transplant is finished?

When your hair transplant has been completed you will be provided with post-operative instructions and any required medications or prescriptions. You will be able to leave the office with a little or no bandage and will be able to gently rinse your hair the next day.


Q – How soon can I get back to work after my hair transplant?

Most patients resume normal activity in a day or two. Tiny crusts may form where the transplants have been placed and usually shed in 4 to 7 days.


Q – How many procedures will I need?

The number of procedures depends upon the extent of your hair loss, the amount of hair (density) at the back of your head, and other artistic and medical considerations. Often you can have the results you are looking for in just one or two hair transplant sessions in which thousands of hairs are transplanted in follicular units of one to four hairs each. In general, most patients over 50 can be satisfied with one or two procedures to treat a specific area of hair loss. Younger patients may require additional transplants because further hair often falls out later in life.





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