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QuadraSculpt Liposuction Body Contouring



Shaft Medical San Diego is the nation's exclusive provider of QuadraSculpt Liposuction Body Contouring designed to meet a wide range of body sculpting and contouring needs.


Our innovative QuadraSculpt Liposuction Body Contouring procedure uses a combination of liposuction and skin tightening technologies for the permanent removal of fat cells resulting in greater definition and skin tightness.



Now, there a new option in liposuction technology!



Even with diet and exercise, it’s possible to end up with areas of fat that just don’t seem to shift, such as back fat, love handles, bingo wings, abdomen, and neck. These troublesome areas of fat can now be permanently eliminated with a relatively simple outpatient procedure.


The technologies used in the QuadraSculpt procedure include an innovative power-assisted liposuction device which uses a unique hand piece that works in a rotational motion allowing for the removal of fatty tissue all the way around the cannula rather than just above or below the ports. This device allows the surgeon to remove fat quicker, more efficiently, and with less effort, substantially reducing procedure time.


QuadraSculpt also utilizes a new FDA-approved 980 nm wavelength laser lipolysis technology originally developed in France. Using a small laser housed in a specially designed and patented cannula, fatty deposits below the skin are disrupted with heat, facilitating their removal and the look and contour you desire. Laser lipolysis with this device is often used in areas where traditional liposuction would not be successful and in parts of the body where diet and exercise is not able to reduce fatty deposits.



Advanced Fat Transfer



Adipose (fat) tissue obtained as part of the QuadraSculpt procedure can now be safely and simply transferred to restore volume to areas such as the face, breasts or buttocks.


Adipose tissue is harvested, washed, transferred and re-injected with the Completely Contained, Closed Loop, A.T.T.S. (Automatic Tissue Transfer System).


The A.T.T.S. device is an autoclavable 2,000 mL tissue collection system made of a medical grade, sterilizable, implosion proof polymer with a tapered base and stainless steel drain port. From the point the adipose tissue is harvested from the patient to the point it is re-injected into the patient, the adipose tissue is completely contained in the system.


As the fat tissue is harvested from the patient it enters the collection system. A sterile normal saline (salt water) solution is hooked up to the collection system via an IV bag and sterile tubing. The physician has the option to release the saline solution as the tissue enters the collection system, release the saline solution after all the tissue is contained in the collection canister, or both. This process leaves adipose tissue that can be safely and simply transferred to the desired treatment area.







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Q – What is liposuction?

Liposuction surgery, put simply, is the removal of fat through tiny incisions in the skin using specially designed long slim tubes called cannulas that are attached to a suction device. This procedure is meant for body contouring and not for treatment of obesity. Localized accumulations of fat can be removed permanently by liposuction. The tiny surgical scars that are left after the procedure fade after healing. The total number of fat cells in the body is fairly constant, and once these cells are removed the body contour changes.


Q – Why is liposuction needed?

The number of fat cells in each person's body is "fixed" by puberty. Fat cells are enlarged by overeating and shrunk with a low calorie diet and exercise. That's how you gain and lose those bulges of fat associated with being overweight.


Research has shown that some fat cells react differently to certain hormones. These fat cells are bigger, and more apt to enlarge after overeating than the ordinary variety. They are often concentrated in the hips, buttocks and abdomen, and are stubbornly resistant to otherwise effective slimming techniques. Although a number of factors may influence the extent to which each individual has this problem, heredity plays a significant role. The result: love handles, saddlebags, and other unsightly deformities on a body that is otherwise fairly well proportioned. Liposuction permanently removes some of these stubborn fat cells. If you gain weight after liposuction surgery, it is distributed evenly all over the body and will not reaccumulate first in the treated areas, nor will those areas be the last places where weight is lost.


Liposuction is now one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in this country. It has been proven to be a safe and effective way to remove fat deposits in the body.


Q – How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction surgery is performed using the tumescent technique with local anesthesia alone. This technique has actually made liposuction surgery much safer because there are none of the side effects or problems associated with general or intravenous anesthesia. You will not feel pain during the procedure and will feel quite well post-operatively.


Q – Which areas of the body can be treated with liposuction?

Liposuction surgery can be performed on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, waist, hips, lateral and inner thighs, buttocks, knees, calves and ankles. In women, the neck, lateral thighs, hips, calves, ankles, and the abdomen are the most commonly treated areas. In men, it is the neck, flanks (love handles), abdomen and breasts that are most often treated.


A common abnormality in women is called a "violin" deformity. From the rear, the patient looks like a violin, because of the protrusion of the hips and the lateral thighs. This is a relatively easy condition to correct.


Q – Who is the best candidate for liposuction?

There is no longer any age limit for this procedure, but the best candidate has good skin tone and realistic expectations. The presence of good skin tone will determine how taut the skin will be post-operatively. Liposuction surgery itself does not change skin tone. However, there are patients with poor to moderate skin tone who benefit greatly from this procedure because they will look much better in clothing and be able to wear garments more easily. This procedure does not significantly change a person's weight or surface abnormalities on the skin. It does change the silhouette. If there are spider veins or blemishes on the skin, these will have to be treated separately.


Q – Will I lose a lot of blood?

There is very little loss of blood during this procedure.


Q – How large are the Incisions?

The incisions are generally very small, approximately 1/4 inch. On some people it is very hard to see them even after surgery.


Q – Will I have stitches?

The incisions are sometimes closed with stitches under the skin that are absorbed by the body. Occasionally, there are sutures on the surface of the skin that are removed in 5-7 days. Most incision areas are left unstitched.


Q – Will liposuction get rid of cellulite?

Liposuction surgery is not designed for this purpose and will not remove cellulite. It does, however, make it a little bit better as the area is debulked.


Q – Will the fat recur?

The number of fat cells is generally stable throughout one's life. When fat cells are removed they do not re-grow. If a patient gains a few pounds post-operatively, weight is evenly distributed over the body rather than localized where it is used to accumulate. If a person gains a very large amount of weight, then new cells may form.


Q – Will I be unconscious?

The procedure is done under local anesthesia only. You will be awake and comfortable during the procedure. Some patients do doze off. The discomfort during the postoperative period is normally minimal and pain medications are usually not necessary.


Q – When can I return to work?

Recovery times vary among patients. Usually, you can resume work and normal activity in 1-3 days depending on your particular surgery and type of work you do.


Q – What limitations will I have?

Depending on the area treated, you may engage in light exercise such as walking, stationary exercise bicycle, etc. as soon as you feel up to it and heavy, jarring exercise in 3-4 weeks.


Q – How long will I wear a support garment?

When large areas are treated, a comfortable leotard-type garment is worn for 1-2 weeks, 24 hours a day; and then for an additional 2 weeks at night. In small areas, such as the chin, knees, buffalo humps and lipomas, the dressing is left on for 2-3 days. The garments are worn to prevent swelling, to redrape the skin, and to make the patient more comfortable with movement as it keeps the skin stabilized.


Q – Is the result permanent?

Yes! The fat cells, once removed, will not come back and if your diet remains the same, the benefit of liposuction will last forever.


Q – What about fat transfer?

Your fat cells can be re-injected safely with our A.T.T.S. device to parts of your body that may need "pumping up". Since your own body fat is used, there is no chance of allergy or rejection.




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